Sing Baby Sing

Sing Baby Sing - documentary


Sing Baby Sing is a story about chasing dreams and bringing yourself up by the bootstraps. It tells the tale of Sammie Relford, a self-taught singer and performer whose energetic show has entertained Houston audiences for over 20 years. Primarily a cover artist, Sammie has spent his career chasing the elusive goal all musicians covet, a record contract. The film follows Sammie's tale from a child hood singing in Houston May Fete's to a gig singing backup for Isaac Hayes, and finally the opening of his own club in downtown Houston on Main Street.

The film covers live performances and interviews with Sammie, several of his band mates, business partners, and those who know him best. There are also original songs played throughout the film to accent his incredible interpretations of R&B classics that have mesmerized Houston audiences, black and white. His diverse crowds are a testament to Sammie's unifying nature and the environment his shows create. A typical performance is filled to the brim with all ages, races, and personalities. Dancing, swaying and singing alongside one another.

Ultimately the film is about the legacy of one's life and the persistence in which people chase dreams that few will obtain. From the murder of his singing partner and long-time love Kim Yvette, to the struggle for a record contract and industry support of his music, Sammie overcomes all obstacles with humor, candor, and energy.

Sing Baby Sing inspires the audience to nod their head and sing along with Sammie and his band to classic cover songs, original tracks, and the infectious groove brought out by "Houston's Hardest Working Entertainer", Sammie Relford.