Jarred King

Jarred King is a commercial producer and director with extensive experience editing, writing, and building character-driven narratives for the big and small screens. King also produces commercial and web-driven content for Fortune 500 companies and startup businesses, both in Houston and throughout the world.

Born in Charleston, SC and raised in Houston, TX, King grew up honing a passion for storytelling and traveling. After receiving a Pentax K1000 35mm camera for his 18th birthday, King began combing his love of words with a newfound interest in imagery.

After graduating from the University of Miami in 2001 with a B.A. in Creative Writing and minor in Photographic Communication, King spent the next several years building a career in fashion and commercial photography from Los Angeles to Paris, France. His images have appeared in magazines, calendars, annual reports, and billboards for clients like GE, KBR, FMC, Continental Airlines, Exxon Mobil, G.A.C. International, Azadeh Zoragi Designs, Linda Segal, Charming Charlie, BiBi Magazine, and many others.

In 2005, King produced and directed his first short film, S.A.M., which received honorable mention in the Aurora Picture Show Extremely Shorts Film Festival. From there King directed 5 more short films in the next 3 years, as well as the feature-length documentary “Sing Baby Sing”, which received the Gold Remi Award from the Houston International Film Festival in 2008. In 2009, King began work on the documentary, “Jornada”, that follows a group of medical professionals on a volunteer relief mission to Guatemala. In 2009, King co-produced and served as co-director of the short film Mother’s Milk, with Kevin Douglas West. Shortly after the release of Mother’s Milk, the two began work on the documentary version entitled Donor Milk. This film chronicles the altruistic milk donations made by mothers as well as the service and science of milk banking. Donor Milk is now in it’s post-production phase with a release scheduled for December 2010.